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  • Welding Gases types and their uses.jpg
    Welding Gases: Types and Applications

    Types of welding gases: 1) Oxygen (O2); 2) Acetylene (C2H2); 3) Argon (Ar); 4) Carbon Dioxide (CO2); 5) Helium (He); 6) Hydrogen (H2); 7) Mixtures......

  • How Does Arc Length Affect a Weld.jpg
    How Does Arc Length Affect a Weld?

    Arc length affects heat input, penetration, weld bead appearance, and welding speed, significantly influencing the quality and integrity of the weld.

  • How Effective Are Aluminium Laser Welding Machines.jpg
    How Effective Are Aluminium Laser Welding Machines?

    Aluminium laser welding machines are effective tools for joining aluminium parts with high speed, low heat input, deep penetration, versatility &consistency.

  • Which Materials Can Laser Welding Weld.jpg
    Laser Welding: Which Materials Can You Weld?

    Laser welded can weld common materials like metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites, weld refractory materials or dissimilar materials with proper adjustments.

  • Fiber Laser Welding Advantages, Systems and Applications.jpg
    Fiber Laser Welding: Advantages, Systems and Applications

    A fiber laser welding system consists of a laser source, laser controller, fiber optic cable, welding head, workpiece holder, and shielding gas.

  • Laser Welding applications.jpg
    Laser Welding: Aerospace, Energy, Medical

    Laser welding can be used on various materials and thicknesses, and applied in various industries that require high speed, precision, quality, and reliability.

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