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Dex2 M Series MIG Welding Machine

Full Digital IGBT Inverter Multi-functional MIG Welding Machine

Optimal welding programs in LSA (low-spatter-arc welding realized by software algorithm), quick pulse, high-speed weld and others. Be weldable in multiple materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and others;

"Chopper" control technology is applied in software to precisely control droplets, and reduce spatter by more than 50%;

Unique quick pulse process integrates advantages of pulse and DC short circuit, and welding speed is increased by more than 20% compared with conventional pulse welding;

Wider voltage range, high current and low voltage, lower heat input, higher fusion efficiency, thin plate welding is comparable to TAP-TYPE machine;

Adaptive arc-start retraction technology increases arc start success rate to almost 100%;

Inverter frequency up to 110KHz enables higher control precision and more stable arc;

Comprehensive communication interfaces are able to communicate with different brands of robots;

Built-in touch sensing function with 80-400 voltage is easier to break down the rust on the surface of workpiece;

Acting national standard of first-level energy efficiency;

IOT interface is reserved to connect with Megmeet SMARC cloud system;

U-disk upgrade function ensures customers to easily obtain Megmeet's most cutting-edge welding technology;

Application industries: engineering machinery, steel structures, special vehicles, auto parts, two/tricycles, containers, petroleum and petrochemical industries, etc.

Megmeet Dex2 M Series MIG Welding Machine
Application & Industries

Application industries of Dex2 M Series MIG welding machine: engineering machinery, steel structures, special vehicles, auto parts, two/tricycles, containers, petroleum and petrochemical industries, etc.

  • MEGMEET Ship-building welding solutions
    Shipbuilding Welding
  • MEGMEET Yellow Goods welding solutions
    Yellow Goods Welding
  • MEGMEET Steel Fabrication welding solutions
    Steel Fabrication Welding
  • MEGMEET Sea Shipping Containers welding solutions
    Sea-shipping Containers Welding


I. LSA (Low Spatter Arc by Software Algorithm)

Fine management in droplet transfer through software algorithm so that short-circuit transfer of droplet is softly cut off, which greatly reduces spatter caused by liquid-bridge bursting and electromagnetic repulsion, and helps fusion pool more stable and weld shape more beautiful.

LSA (Low Spatter Arc by Software Algorithm)LSA (Low Spatter Arc by Software Algorithm)

Welding Features:

Low Spatter Arc by Software Algorithm

II. Quick Pulse Technology (QPT)

Pain Points in Conventional Pulse WeldingVS
Megmeet Quick Pulse Technology(QPT)
  • Speed is slow: 30% slower than DC welding

  • Weld formation is difficult to control: high heat input, long arc, and many undercuts

  • High Requirements in Mixed Gas: high requirements in the 80/20 gas ratio and resulted in higher cost 

  • Accessories Loss: high voltage and high pulse peak value bring serious heating to the torch and the high cost of accessories and shorter service life. 

  • Welding speed is faster and welding speed is increased by 20%, compared with conventional pulse;

  • Short arc length, good stiffness, strong anti-interference ability, more suitable for high-speed welding of medium and thick plates, supporting concentrated arc energy and better penetration;

  • Low arc heat input increases the service life of accessories;

  • Wide voltage range, strong welding adaptability, simpler operation, more popular by welders. 

critical pulsecritical pulse welding technologycritical pulse welding results

III. High-Speed DC Welding

high speed DC welding

IV. Wire Retraction Function in Arc Starting

Wire Retraction Function  in Arc Starting

V. Up-down Torch (optional)

Up-down Welding Torch (optional)

VI. High Reliability

high welding reliabilityhigh welding reliabilityhigh welding reliability

VII. 400V High-voltage Touch Sensing Function

VIII. U-disk Interface

U-disk Interface

IX. Intelligent Upgrade

Intelligent Upgrade

X. Water Cooler (Optional)

Circulating Water Cooler AnyCool-66
Water cooler power supplyPowered by welding machine
Rated power370W
Rated voltage380V AC
Cooling water capacity6.8L
Cooling water flow3.5L/min
Cooling water maximum lift20m
Flow alarm

Water Cooler (Optional)

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