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Dex2 Ultra Series AC-MIG Welding Machine

Variable Polarity Full Digital IGBT Inverter AC-MIG Welding Machine

Superior welding programs in AC-Pulse MIG, AC short-circuit transition, quick pulse, and others, to easily realize high-performance welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other materials;

Wire feeding speed is faster and the deposition rate is increased by more than 20%, under the same current;

Patented software algorithm enables high-frequency switching of polarity, low heat input, less spatter, and 0.5mm aluminum alloy welding;

By adjusting the positive and negative polarity ratio of EN/EP, heat input is optimized, and optimal welding of the large-gap bridge can be easily achieved; 

Arc energy is controllable and effectively suppresses the generation of welding fumes. The Glossiness of Al-Mg welding is as good as Al-Si welding with a more beautiful weld shape;

Inverter frequency up to 110KHz enables higher control precision and more stable arc;

Comprehensive communication interfaces are able to communicate with different brands of robots and automation devices;

Touch sensing function with 80-400 voltage is easier to break down the rust on the surface of the workpiece;

IoT interface is reserved to connect with Megmeet SMARC cloud system;

U-disk upgrade function ensures customers to easily obtain Megmeet's most cutting-edge welding technology;

Application industries: precision welding in automobiles and parts, two/tricycles, aerospace, military industry, rail vehicles, new energy, etc.

Megmeet Dex2 Ultra Series AC-MIG Welding Machine
Application & Industries

Application industries of Megmeet Dex2 Ultra Series IGBT Inverter AC-MIG Welding Machine: precision welding in automobiles and parts, two/tricycles, aerospace, military industry, rail vehicles, new energy, etc.

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I. AC Pulse

Accurate and fast switching of pulse polarity is achieved by Megmeet patented algorithm, which integrates high speed&high efficiency of MIG welding with high quality of TIG welding, greatly optimizes welding production efficiency and welding quality.

AC pulse welding

Welding Features:

AC pulse welding diagram

II. AC Short Circuit Transition

AC Short Circuit Transition

Welding Features:

AC Short Circuit Transition

III. High-Speed DC Welding

high speed DC welding

IV. Wire Retraction Function in Arc Starting

Wire Retraction Function  in Arc Starting

V. Up-down Torch (optional)

Up-down Welding Torch (optional)

VI. 400V High-voltage Touch Sensing Function

VII. Intelligent Upgrade

With an additional robotic accessories package, the manual-type welding power source can be expanded to a robotic welding power source to help users save money.

Intelligent Upgrade

VIII. High Reliability

high welding reliabilityhigh welding reliabilityhigh welding reliability

IX. Water Cooler (Optional)

Circulating Water Cooler AnyCool-66
Water cooler power supplyPowered by welding machine
Rated power370W
Rated voltage380V AC
Cooling water capacity6.8L
Cooling water flow3.5L/min
Cooling water maximum lift20m
Flow alarm

Water Cooler (Optional)

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