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SMARC Intelligent Welding System

MEGMEET Intelligent Welding Management System

WIFI, Ethernet, 4G communication, and other networking methods to achieve welding machine networking

Private cloud platform server deployment and enterprise local server deployment

Distributed card swiping, centralized card swiping, and mobile phone APP punch-in 

Mobile phone APP to view equipment status and welding statistics data

Welding equipment fault alarm prompt and fault handling suggestion prompt

View and trace the historical welding data of welding equipment and welders

Generate historical data reports, statistical data reports, welding efficiency reports and welding material consumption data reports of welding equipment, welders and welding projects

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MEGMEET Intelligent Welding Cloud Control System
Application & Industries

Megmeet SMARC welding system is mainly used for digital management of welding production. The system collects welding production data of welding equipment &welders through IOT devices, realizes real-time monitoring, storage, and statistical analysis.

  • Rail Transportation Welding Solutions
    Rail Transportation Welding
  • Automotive Welding Solutions
     Automotive Welding
  • Steel Construction Welding Solutions
    Steel Construction Welding
  • Container Welding Solutions
    Container Welding


MEGMEET SMARC Intelligent Management System features

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