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MetaTIG ACDC HF TIG Welders 315/400/500A

Full-digital IGBT Inverter Multifunctional AC DC TIG Welder

Full range of welding applications: carbon steel, 9Ni, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, magnesium alloy, aluminum, AL alloy, and others, adaptive for dissimilar-metal welding;

Extensive welding functions: ACDC TIG welding, ACDC Pulse TIG welding, high-speed TIG spot welding, and MMA; 

Full digital intelligent control: the internal background menu is open and adjustable to better satisfy more technical requirements of various working conditions;

VRD anti-shock function: there is adjustable arc force in MMA mode and better arc stiffness;

IoT interface is reserved: quickly connected to Megmeet SMARC intelligent welding management platform or the third-party welding data management system to realize efficient welding interconnection;

Communication interface is reserved: robotic communication modules can be selected to connect different brands of robots and automation devices;

U-disk interface: ensures customers easily obtain Megmeet's cutting-edge welding process or customized software;

Optional foot switch, water-cooler, water-cooled torch, trolley, etc.

Megmeet MetaTIG ACDC HF TIG Welders 315
Application & Industries

MetaTIG 315/400/500 ACDC TIG welders have wide welding applications: carbon steel, 9Ni, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, magnesium alloy, and aluminum...

  • MEGMEET Ship-building welding solutions
    Shipbuilding Welding
  • MEGMEET Yellow Goods welding solutions
    Yellow Goods Welding
  • MEGMEET Steel Fabrication welding solutions
    Steel Fabrication Welding
  • MEGMEET Sea Shipping Containers welding solutions
    Sea-shipping Containers Welding


1. Extensive Welding Process

Welding Process Type

Welding Process Name




DC TIG WeldingDC TIG WeldingStable arc, high adaptability for the gap, easier for one-sided welding and double-sided formingCarbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etcPetrochemical, pressure pipeline&vessel backing weld, etc.
DC PULSE TIG WeldingDC-Pulse TIG WeldingLow heat input, beautiful fish-scale shape is available, pulse frequency up to 3000HzCarbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etcSheet metal and welding occasions with requirements for heat input and weld form, etc.
AC TIG WeldingAC TIG WeldingStable arc, AC frequency up to 300HzAluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium, etc.Aluminum alloy pipelines, bicycle frame welding with high appearance requirements, etc.
AC TIG Pulse WeldingDouble Pulse AC TIG WeldingLow heat input, clear fish-scale welding shapeAluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium, etc.Aluminum alloy thin-plate and welding occasions requiring heat input and weld forming, etc.
AC-DC TIG Pulse WeldingDouble-pulse AC-DC TIG WeldingDeeper penetration and less tungsten lossAluminum alloy, aluminum, magnesium etc.Aluminum alloy medium and thick plates, welding occasions requiring depth of penetration, etc.
MMAMMAEasy arc start, non-stick with rod, softer arc&less spatter, and beautiful weld shapeCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.Boiler, pressure vessel, petrochemical industry, pressure pipeline, outdoor construction, etc.

2. Multiple waveform controls provide optimal combination according to welding needs

1) Multiple selections with a triangle wave, square wave, sine wave, trapezoidal wave, and others;

2) The optimal setting for the waveform in different welding phases;

3) EN/EP range ratio is able to be adjusted to efficiently clean oxide film on the surface while ensuring the depth of penetration.

Conventional and triangular-wave TIG welding.jpg

Square Wave

DC/AC square wave, polarity fast-switching, high stability of arc, good dynamic characteristics, strong ability to clean aluminum oxide film, suitable for a wide range of aluminum and aluminum alloy welding.

Square Wave.jpg

Sine Wave

DC/AC sine wave, rectangular transition at zero-crossing point, less and softer arc noise.

Sine Wave.jpg

Triangle Wave

Short peak-time and low heat input, suited to welding of thermo-sensitive metals as thin plates.

Triangle Wave.jpg

Trapezoidal Wave

DC/AC trapezoidal wave, polarity stable-switching, and soft arc bring a good wetting effect to the fusion pool, applicable for groove welding and overhead welding.

Trapezoidal Wave.jpg

3. 0.1Hz-3000Hz High Frequency Output

0.1Hz-3000Hz High Frequency Output.jpg

4. Arc is able to start and stabilize at 3A in DC welding

Unique circuit design supports arc to start at 3A and stabilize at 3A in DC welding, ensuring continuous arc in a very small current.

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5. AC-DC Pulse

1) DC is blended into AC-wave to further raise the heat input of base metal and increase the depth of penetration;

2) In AC-DC Pulse, tungsten rod loss could be reduced in DCEN;

3) In AC-DC Pulse, the EP ratio is adjustable in the AC section to improve the cleaning effect;

4) Arc stiffness and concentration are good and heat input is high to further improve welding efficiency.

AC-DC Pulse.jpg

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