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ST400/500/630 Manual Arc Welding Machine

Full Digital IGBT Inverter Manual Arc Welding Machine

Suitable for welding of various acidic, alkaline, stainless steel and low-hydrogen rods

Input voltage allows fluctuation range up to ± 25%

Being satisfied with long-distance operations, and stable welding is ensured when the cable is extended to 100 meters

Adjustment for thrusting current and arc initiation current can improve welding performance

Equipped with VRD electric shock protection function to ensure safe welding

ST500&ST630 has gouging function(maximum 12mm carbon rod for ST630)

Enclosure protection level reaches IP23 and high-reliability design for harsh environments

Megmeet ST400/500/630A Inverter Manual Arc Welding Machine
Application & Industries

Megmeet ST400/500/630 Manual Arc Welding Machines are widely used in the petrochemical industry, electric power construction, building construction, shipbuilding, steel structures, and many other industries.

  • MEGMEET Ship-building welding solutions
    Shipbuilding Welding
  • MEGMEET Yellow Goods welding solutions
    Yellow Goods Welding
  • MEGMEET Steel Fabrication welding solutions
    Steel Fabrication Welding
  • MEGMEET Sea Shipping Containers welding solutions
    Sea-shipping Containers Welding


1. U-Disk Interface

Megmeet ST Manual Arc welding machine U-Disk Interface.png

2. RFID Card Linking

Megmeet ST Manual Arc welding machine RFID Card Linking.png

Technical Specification

Manual ModelsST400ST500ST630
Control Mode Full DigitalFull DigitalFull Digital
Rated Input Voltage3 Phase AC 380V(±25%)3 Phase AC 380V(±25%)3 Phase AC 380V(±25%)
Input Frequency50~60Hz50~60Hz50~60Hz
Rated Input Power17.1KVA/16.3KW23.6KVA/22.2KW32.4KVA/30.4KW
Power Factor0.950.94 0.94
Energy EfficiencyClass AClass AClass A
Rated OCV 63V73V78V 
Rated Output Current400A500A630A
Rated Output Voltage34V40V44V
Rated Current Range30~400A 30~500A30~630A
Thrusting Current Range0~200A0~200A0~200A
Arc Initiation Current Range0~200A0~200A0~200A
Duty Cycle400A@60%500A@100%630A@100%
Protection Against LighteningClass DClass DClass D
Insulation GradeF(Reactor H)F(Reactor H)F(Reactor H)
Ingress ProtectionIP23IP23IP23
Working Temperature-10℃~+40℃-10℃~+40℃-10℃~+40℃
Dimension (L×W×H)684×320×580mm684×320×580mm684×320×580mm
Gross Weight34kg37kg38kg
Extended Function

USB Upgrade

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