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  • Six Common MIG Weld Patterns.jpg
    6 Common MIG Weld Patterns: When & How to Use Them.

    6 Common MIG Weld Patterns: 1. Stringer Weld Pattern; 2. Circle Weld Pattern; 3. Weave Weld Pattern; 4. Whipping Weld Pattern; 5. Figure 8 Weld Pattern; 6. J Weld Pattern.

  • lack of fusion in welding.jpg
    What is Lack of Fusion in Welding and How to Prevent It?

    Lack of fusion in welding can be caused by incorrect welding parameters, technique, fit-up, preparation, or mode of metal transfer. Learn to detect and prevent lacking of fusion in welding by reading this article.

  • overlapping welding.jpg
    Overlapping Welding: What Is It and How to Avoid It

    Overlapping welding is caused by amperage, travel speed, electrode selection &usage, and welding technique. This article tells you how to prevent & fix overlapping welding.

  • Inverter Welder Problems and How to Solve Them.jpg
    Inverter Welder Problems and How to Solve Them?

    Inverter welder problems are 1) No output current; 2) Low Output Current; 3) Overheating; and 4) Arc Instability. Read this article to find relevant solutions.

  • AC VS. DC TIG Welding.jpg
    AC vs DC Welding: Which One is Better for TIG Welding?

    AC welding vs. DC welding: 1) AC welding produces more spatter & noise; 2) AC welding has a less stable arc; 3) AC welding has lower penetration & deposition rates.

  • What are the 4 Basic Welding Positions and How to Choose the Right One.jpg
    4 Kinds Basic Welding Positions: How to Choose the Right One?

    4 Basic Welding Positions: 1. Flat Position; 2. Horizontal Position; 3. Vertical Position; 4. Overhead Position. Which is the right one for your project?

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