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  • Welding Joint Types.jpg
    Welding Joint Types: Butt, Lap, Tee, Edge Joints & More.

    Common welding joint types are butt joint, lap joint, tee joint, and edge joint. Each type has its pros & cons and requires different preparation &techniques.

  • 11 types of arc welding.jpg
    11 Types of Arc Welding: Applications & Benefits

    Arc welding has a wide range of techniques that cater to different applications and benefits. Each type of arc welding has its features to suit specific tasks.

  • Choosing the Right Shielding Gases for Arc Welding.jpg
    Choosing the Right Shielding Gases for Arc Welding

    Tips for choosing the right shielding gas for arc welding: Welding Process; Material Type; Thickness of Material; Welding Position; Cost and Availability.

  • MIG Weld Defects.jpg
    Tips for Troubleshooting Common MIG Weld Defects

    MIG welding is a popular and versatile method of joining metals, but it can also produce some common defects that affect the appearance and strength of the weld. In this article, we will look at some of the most common MIG weld defects, their causes,

  • 15 tips for improving welding safety.jpg
    15 Tips for Improving Welding Safety

    By following these 15 tips, welders can reduce the risks and hazards of welding and protect themselves, their co-workers, and their environment from accidents and injuries.

  • MIG short-circuit welding guides.jpg
    The Ultimate Guide to MIG Short Circuit Welding Techniques

    Short-circuit MIG welding is used for various applications &materials. It has low heat input, high deposition rate, good penetration, low spatter & versatility.

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