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Megmeet RDT (Retract Droplet Transfer) Arc Welding Technology

As the benchmark of advanced arc welding technology, cold metal transfer zero-spatter high-speed servo arc welding technology has always been highly concerned for welding professionals. However, the core technology in this field has been tightly dominated by European and American counterparts, and China welding machine manufacturers have rarely been involved, thus it has been one of the critical bottleneck technologies in China arc welding industry.

Megmeet started the research and development of this technology as early as three years ago. Through the efforts of the RD team, numerous technical difficulties were overcome and the product has finally been set. It is scheduled to make its official debut at the Shenzhen Essen Welding & Cutting Fair in June 2023 and the Schweissen & Schneiden in Essen in September 2023. Stay tuned and feel free to come and witness its show. 

Megmeet has always adhered to independent research and development and has output multiple patented technologies during the R&D of this product. This product has also set a record for the highest quantity of patented technologies used in a single product by Megmeet. It incorporates a comprehensive range of patented technologies, including ultra-low heat input current waveform fine-control technology, molten droplet necking prediction technology, molten droplet fine-control technology, energy dissipation, an efficient recovery system, microsecond-level polarity switching patent, microsecond-level dynamic response multi-node industrial fieldbus control technology, high-precision high-frequency motor and drive algorithm for reverse rotation, and dozens of other patented technologies.

Megmeet special arc welding technology of cold metal transfer zero-spatter high-speed servo has the following characteristics:

1、Ultra-low spatter patented technology: spatter reduction of 99%, very easy to achieve almost zero-spatter welding;

2、Ultra-high-precision servo wire feeding core algorithm: Achieving a maximum of 200Hz ultra-high-precision fine back-and-forth wire feeding with precise forward and reverse rotations, enabling higher frequency, finer molten droplets, and better welding formation.

3、0.5mm ultra-thin sheet welding superb capability and bridging capability for large gaps and uneven gaps, making it more suitable for high-efficient and high-quality welding in applications such as ultra-thin sheet welding, automotive components with uneven gaps, 3D additive manufacturing, and new energy and energy storage industries.


4、Microsecond-level information delay patented technology: Microsecond-level information delay multi-node industrial fieldbus, providing higher control-precision and more stable parameters, more suitable for robotic welding applications.

5、Energy dissipation and recovery patented technology: Achieving microsecond-level response for a significant increase or decrease in current, with the capability of both DC and AC outputs. It possesses unique energy recovery technology, where the dissipated energy can be utilized for the next arc ignition, resulting in higher energy efficiency.

6、Newly upgraded LCD display system and touchscreen control function, providing a better HMI interaction experience that is favored by site welders.

7、Superiorly high level of intelligence, supporting online welding management control, offline welding management control, and NFC-based intelligent permission management. The advanced cloud data functionality enables convenient cloning of WPS data between different machines and swift sharing of advanced welding techniques. It supports global power grid voltages ranging from 200-600V AC, ensuring wider adaptability. All peripheral components are low-voltage, providing enhanced safety for welding operations.

In this exhibition, we set 2 robotic welding positions for this technology to display the welding of 3D additive materials and ultra-thin sheets.

Welcome to view it at our booth!

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