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RDT Welding Technology: Megmeet's further research in CMT!

In the realm of modern welding, technological advancements have consistently pushed the boundaries of efficiency, precision, and weld quality. Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) zero-spatter high-speed servo arc welding technology has emerged as a remarkable innovation in the field. In this article, we will explore the concept of CMT welding technology, and its advantages, and delve into Megmeet's pioneering Retract Droplet Transfer (RDT) Welding Technology, which takes CMT welding to new heights.

I. Definition of CMT Welding Technology.

Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding is an advanced arc welding process that combines the benefits of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding techniques. It involves controlled droplet transfer and a specialized welding current waveform to achieve exceptional results. CMT welding facilitates the intermittent transfer of small droplets from the electrode wire to the base material, resulting in reduced heat input and minimized spatter. CMT welding processes are usually performed by a welding robot.

II. Advantages of CMT Welding Technology.

1. Reduced heat input: CMT welding minimizes the heat-affected zone (HAZ) and distortion in the base material, making it suitable for thin sheets and heat-sensitive applications.

2. Reduced spatter: The controlled droplet transfer of CMT welding results in minimal spatter, reducing the need for post-weld cleanup.

3. Improved gap bridging: CMT welding technology exhibits excellent gap-bridging capabilities, ensuring reliable and robust welds.

4. Precise heat control: The ability to precisely control heat input in CMT welding allows for increased weld quality and reduced material distortion.

CMT is crucial in the welding field due to these advantages, but the equipment needed for CMT welding is complex, implementing CMT welding may require specialized equipment and additional setup compared to traditional welding processes. In addition, CMT welding techniques require operators to acquire specific knowledge and training to optimize the process effectively.

III. Megmeet RDT Welding Technology Bring CMT to a New Height.

As the benchmark of advanced arc welding technology, CMT welding technology has always been highly concern for welding professionals. However, the core technology in this field has been tightly dominated by European and American counterparts, and China welding machine manufacturers have rarely been involved, thus Megmeet Welding Technology, one of the best welding equipment designers and manufacturers in China, took the first to make a breakthrough in this aspect and launched RDT (Retract Droplet Transfer) Cold Metal Transfer Zero-Spatter High-speed Servo Arc Welding Technology.

Megmeet has always adhered to independent research and development and has output multiple patented technologies during the R&D of this product. This product has also set a record for the highest quantity of patented technologies used in a single product by Megmeet. It incorporates a comprehensive range of patented technologies, including ultra-low heat input current waveform fine-control technology, molten droplet necking prediction technology, molten droplet fine-control technology, energy dissipation, an efficient recovery system, microsecond-level polarity switching patent, microsecond-level dynamic response multi-node industrial fieldbus control technology, high-precision high-frequency motor and drive algorithm for reverse rotation.......

Supported by so many advanced welding technologies, Megmeet's special arc welding technology of cold metal transfer zero-spatter high-speed servo has a variety of advantages such as: 

  • Achieve spatter reduction of 99%.

  • Achieve a maximum of 200Hz ultra-high-precision fine back-and-forth wire feeding with precise forward and reverse rotations.

  • 0.5mm ultra-thin sheet welding superb capability and bridging capability for large gaps and uneven gaps.

  • Microsecond-level information delay multi-node industrial fieldbus.

  • Achieve microsecond-level response for a significant increase or decrease in current, with the capability of both DC and AC outputs.

  • Newly upgraded LCD display system and touchscreen control function.

  • Superiorly high level of intelligence。

For detailed advantages of Megmeet RDT welding technology, you can read the article:

IV. Application of Megmeet RDT Welding Technology.

In the 2023 Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition held on June 27-30, Megmeet RDT welding technology made its debut and demonstrates carbon steel sheet butt welding and 3D printing of aluminum alloy. The exquisite welding products attracted the attention and praise of the whole audience.

RDT welding products

In addition, at the exhibition site, Megmeet technicians patiently explained the principle of the RDT welding process to the visitors, introduced our new welding machine model developed by RDT welding technology (soon to be officially launched), and explained that the new welder model is applicable to the following industries:

  • New energy vehicles

  • Two/three wheelers

  • Energy storage industry

  • Aerospace

  • Military industry

  • Large gap sheet bridging

  • Uneven gap welding

  • Extreme sheet welding

  • Arc 3D additive


Megmeet's RDT Welding Technology is a game-changing innovation that elevates the capabilities of CMT welding. By virtually eliminating spatter, enhancing weld quality, and increasing productivity through high-speed servo arc welding, Megmeet has propelled CMT welding into a new era. While CMT welding offers advantages such as reduced heat input and minimal spatter, Megmeet's RDT Welding Technology adds an extra layer of excellence to the process. As the welding industry continues to advance, innovations like RDT Welding Technology shape the future of welding by maximizing efficiency, precision, and weld quality in various applications.


If you want to know more about the RDT welding process or get the specific release time of Megmeet's RDT welding machine, you can follow the News section of Megmeet's official website, and we will notify you as soon as the new product is launched. If you want to know another product model, you can check Megmeet's welding machine models table to find the ideal welding equipment.