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5 Tips to Select a Suitable Welding Machine

As the welding machine brands and welders types are various, and there are wide variations in prices, nearly all novice welders and experienced welders are bothered by welding equipment selection. Hence, we will share the most completed welding machine selection guide to help you buy an ideal welding power source.


I. Know the Application Scenarios. (Amperage, Voltage, and Portable)

II. Make Clear the Welding Material. (Welding Process)

III. Know Welding Machine Brands. (Reputable, Reliable, and Efficient)

IV. Budget for your Welding Machine. (Balance between Price and Quality)

V. Seek Help from Expert Welding. (Professional guidance)

I. Know the Application Scenarios.

First of all, before you buy a welder, you need to know whether your welding device will be used at home, in a factory, in a complex outdoor production environment, or in a variety of locations. 

The standard voltage of residential and commercial properties is 110/120 volts AC, and welders with a rated voltage of 110V are entry-level welders suitable for the most basic welding projects. The rated voltage of most welding machines is 220/240 volts, which can handle easy and simple welding projects. For outdoor welding operations, an engine-powered welding machine is needed.


In addition, if the welder is used in a fixed place, then you may have no requirement for weight and mobility, otherwise, the welding equipment must be lightweight and portable.  

II. Make Clear the Welding Material/Process.

Do you know what material you will weld? The welding material plays a decisive role in your selection of a welding machine and welding process. Welding is usually done on three elements: carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. If you weld mild steel, MIG, TIG, and MMA welding are all supported only if the correct consumables are used. If your welding material is aluminum, AC/DC TIG welding machine, and MIG welding machine will be used. 

As different welding materials have different features, you’d better make clear your welding material before you choose welding equipment. The table below shows you the welding process selection of different welding materials. 


MIG weldingStick WeldingTIGFlux-cored welding

Stainless steel








Cast Iron


Note: for more details on the MAG/MIG/TIG/MMA welding equipment selection, you can contact us.

III. Know Welding Machine Brand.

To choose the right welding machine, you should recognize some reputable welding equipment brands in a particular field. Seldom welding machine manufacturers are good at manufacturing submerged arc welding machines, gas-shielded arc welding machines and stick welding machines at the same time.

For example, Megmeet Welding Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of GMAW welding equipment (MAG/MIG/TIG) for manual, robotic, and automatic welding, supplies high-end digital welding equipment and dedicated technical support to our partners and customers. To get a quote, you can contact us at:

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IV. Budget for your Welding Machine.

Welding machines are a kind of high-value equipment, and generally the higher the amperage & voltage, the higher the price, so you must make a reasonable budget based on your requests. Remember, you can never buy ideal automated welding equipment for $20, but it’s possible after increasing the budget.

In addition, it’s not wise to compromise the welding device quality for budgetary reasons. If you buy a low-quality welding machine at a low price, you will run the risk of increasing costs due to low welding efficiency and bad welding results.

V. Seek Help from an Expert Welding.

If you are still unknown which welding machine to choose in the final part, you can consult experts in the welding industry or professional customer managers of a particular welding machine company. Normally, you can get the quote and the spec sheet from the customer manager, and all your questions will be solved with their patient guidance. If you want to buy a GMAW welding machine, you can contact megmeet welding technology to get the quote and spec sheet.

The above 5 tips are enough to help you make the right decision. In one word, to choose the right welding machine, you should start with your realistic needs, make a realistic budget, and make a balance between the quality and the price.


To grasp more welding machine selection tips and welding tips and tricks, you can collect the Megmeet News Center Page to read the articles published from time to time.