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Megmeet Brand-new SMARC Intelligent Welding Cloud System

SMARC IoT cloud system (2nd generation) is historically the ace product of Megmeet and has networked with more than 30,000 welding machines in total at present, which has been scale used in multiple large-scale manufacturers such as SANY Heavy Industry, China International Marine Containers (CIMC), Zhongjian Steel Structure. SMARC has rich experience in complex networking in large scenarios and multiple workshops, and the actual cases certified that SMARC can indeed meet medium and large-scale enterprises requirements for welding digitalization and Intelligent management.

SMARC Welding IoT system

As a kind of special work, welding operation has high requirements for standard operation. In recent years, safety accidents caused by non-standard welding operations are frequently reported, and the voice of welding visual management is getting louder. To improve the standardized management of welding operation, and strengthen the visualization of welding process management, we applied the brand new VR interactive and visual process management technology in the SMARC IoT system, which
will be displayed in 2023 SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. The following are some attractions of SMARC:

    I. Visual Process Management Technology: 

  • The technology allows real-time video monitoring of the welding operation process, supports real-time online video management of management platforms and operators, supports the application of all kinds of visual management tools, and timely finds and removes hidden safety hazards;

  • As a visual management function of the SMARC IoT system, the technology can couple with other functions and achieve real-time welding visualization and digital management;

  • The technology reserves the online monitoring function for fusion pool quality, which can match with all kinds of monitoring instruments, high-speed cameras and etc. to facilitate online monitoring of weld quality and find and eliminate welding defects the first time.

  • Megmeet Welding Visual Process Management Technology

    II. Brand New VR Interactive Technology

    • Brand new VR interactive technology supports 3D modeling of the welding workshop and builds a friendly VR space. The relevant data is no longer cold data points but will be embodied into more friendly physical equipment and personnel, supporting dynamic monitoring of the state, location, welder information, welding tasks, etc., supporting the VR interaction between personnel and equipment and tasks.

    • The technology supports human-computer interaction through VR devices, mobile phone mini-programs, two-dimensional codes, etc., which is more technological and dreamy;

    Brand new VR interactive technology

    Megmeet Brand new VR interactive technology

    III. Safer Data Management And Quicker Man-machine Interaction

    As a large industrial IOT system, data safety is the basic requirement. Megmeet SMARC IoT system launched all kinds of data management platforms such as public cloud, private cloud, and local servers to better guarantee data safety;

    • The inner data supports automatic coverage and also supports human intervention to safeguard the safe storage of key data.

    • The special algorithm and software program ensures quicker man-machine interaction, more smooth network, and a better user experience.

    • In this exhibition, we especially set an exhibition zone for the new generation SMARC IoT system to dynamically display the brand new VR interactive and visual process management technology.

    Welcome to experience the technology on-site!