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Heavy-Duty Welding: How Megmeet-welding Revolutionize It

Many industries, such as heavy equipment, shipbuilding, steel and container, and mechanical engineering, rely on welding to join large and thick metal parts. They need welding solutions that are high-quality, efficient, and reliable, and can cope with high-volume and high-speed demands. But traditional welding machines, such as thyristor or transformer-based ones, are not up to the task. They consume too much energy, perform poorly, offer limited welding options, and are heavy and cumbersome. That’s why heavy-duty welding, or high-performance welding, is the answer for higher productivity.

I. What is Heavy Duty Welding?

Heavy duty welding is a specialized welding process that uses gas metal arc welding (GMAW) with solid wires of 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm in diameter. It is characterized by high welding speeds, allowing for long weld seams and low-spatter joining. A process is considered heavy duty if more than 15 m of wire is fed per minute, or if the deposition rate exceeds 8 kg per hour with larger wire diameters, such as 1.6 mm or 2.0 mm. Heavy duty welding requires the right gas mixture and a specialized water-cooled welding torch with an extended stick-out distance, enabling higher wire speeds and deposition rates. The stick-out distance is the distance between the end of the contact tip and the workpiece surface, which is greater than with the conventional GMAW process.

II. History of Heavy Duty Welding.

The history of heavy duty welding can be traced back to the 1980s, when John Church, a Canadian engineer, introduced the TIME process, which involved using a four-component shielding gas for faster and more cost-effective welding. TIME stands for Transferred Ionized Molten Energy, which means the transfer of high amounts of energy to the molten filler metal in an ionized plasma. However, the original gas mixture was expensive and complex, and similar effects can be achieved with fewer gas components if the right equipment is used. Today, a three-component gas mixture of argon, carbon dioxide, and oxygen is commonly used for heavy duty welding. The development of double-wire and tandem technology further enhanced heavy duty welding, allowing for even greater cost-effectiveness and control in the welding process.

III. Application of Heavy Duty Welding.

Heavy duty welding finds extensive application in industries where high welding speeds and deposition rates are essential. It excels in tasks involving long weld seams, multiple runs, and overlay welding of large areas. It can handle various metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys. It can also perform different welding processes, such as CO2/MAG/MIG, TIG, MMA, and carbon arc gouging, depending on the equipment and settings. Heavy duty welding can be used manually or automated, depending on the application and requirements.

IV. Heavy-Duty Welding: How Megmeet Welding Revolutionize It

One of the best manufacturers of heavy-duty welding machines is Megmeet Welding Technology, which offers a series of innovative and intelligent welding machines that use full-digital IGBT inverter technology. IGBT stands for insulated gate bipolar transistor, which is a type of power semiconductor device that can switch high currents and voltages very fast and efficiently. By using IGBT inverter technology, Megmeet Welding Technology can achieve:

  1. High energy efficiency and power factor, saving up to 30% of electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions.

  2. Excellent welding performance and stability, especially for pulse welding and arc starting and stopping, ensuring spatter-free and beautiful welds with high penetration and strength.

  3. Multiple welding processes and functions integrated into one machine, such as CO2/MAG/MIG, TIG, MMA, and carbon arc gouging, enabling the welder to handle various metal materials and welding situations.

  4. Compact and lightweight design, making them easy to transport and operate.

V. Megmeet Flagship Product for Heavy Duty Welding.

One of the flagship products of Megmeet Welding Technology is the Ehave-2 CM series, which is a full-digital IGBT inverter multi-function welding machine that can perform CO2/MAG/MIG, TIG, MMA, and carbon arc gouging. The Ehave-2 CM series welding machine has many features and advantages, such as:

  • Both synergic and separate mode is available, and key parameters are adjusted automatically to meet high-quality welding requirements.

  • Support 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6mm welding wire, and 2.0, and 2.4mm wire process can be customized (SP).

  • Support MAG flux-cored carbon steel and MIG DC stainless steel process.

  • Scraping/lift arc ignition function for TIG welding, with abundant parameters setting, suitable for all kinds of welding operations from thin plate to medium-thick plate.

  • Can quickly switch to MMA function, and the maximum diameter for welding rod is 6.0mm.

  • Be able to stably gauge a carbon rod with a maximum diameter of 12mm (Ehave2 CM630A welding machine), suitable to quickly clean welding roots and repair weld gouging.

  • RFID card-swiping function to efficiently realize binding of welders and machines.

  • Be able to match with Megmeet smart welding cloud platform/system (SMARC), supporting more intelligent functions such as parameter issuing, welding hours statistics, and welding parameter trace.

  • USB interface to ensure customers enjoy the most cutting-edge welding processes and function customization of Megmeet conveniently.

  • 1st class energy efficiency, saving 3 degrees/day compared to other inverter welding machines (only calculated on 300A welding and 4 hours per day for efficient welding).

  • Multiple wire feeders can be freely selected, and manual-type welding machines can be upgraded to a robotic welding power source.

The Ehave-2 CM series is widely used in various industries, such as rail transit, automobile, shipbuilding, steel structure, container, machinery, hardware, and more. It can provide high-quality, efficient, and stable welding performance for different applications and environments.

If you are looking for a reliable, flexible, and intelligent welding solution for heavy-duty welding, look no further than Megmeet Welding Technology and its full-digital IGBT inverter CO2/MAG/MIG multifunctional industrial heavy-duty welding machines. Contact us today to get a quote and a free trial. You will not regret it.

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