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【New Product】Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welding Machines

Product Introduction

MEGMEET CO₂/MAG/MIG/TIG/MMA/ Carbon Arc Gouging all-in-one welding machine ---full digital IGBT inverter multi-function welding machine Ehave-2 CM series.

ehave2 CM welding machine

Welding Process

CO2 /MAG/MIG Function CO2 /MAG/MIG Function

● Both synergic/separate modes is available, and key parameters are adjusted automatically to meet high-quality welding requirements.

● Support 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6mm welding wire, and 0.9, 2.0, 2.4, and 2.8mm wire process can be customized(SP).

● Support MAG flux-cored carbon steel and MIG DC stainless steel process.

Simple DC TIG Function  Simple DC TIG Function

● Scraping/lift arc ignition function

● Through overlapping control of the arc to reduce tungsten damage, an arc ignition success rate reaches 100%.

● With abundant parameters setting, suitable for all kinds of welding operations from thin plate to medium-thick plate.

MMA Function MMA Function

● Can quickly switch to “MMA function”, and the maximum diameter for welding rod is 6.0mm.

● Capable for long cable operation, and arc starting current and thrust current can be adjusted.

Carbon arc gouging function Carbon arc gouging function

● Be able to stably gauge a carbon rod with a maximum diameter of 12mm (Ehave2 CM630), suitable to quickly clean welding roots and repair weld gouging.

RFID Card-swiping RFID Card-swiping

● Efficiently realize binding of welders and machines.

● Be able to match with Megmeet smart welding cloud platform/system(SMARC), supporting more intelligent functions such as parameter issuing, welding hours statistics, and welding parameter trace.


USB Interface USB Interface

● Ensure customers enjoy the most cutting-edge welding processes and function customization of Megmeet conveniently.

● Be able to send software by email, and customers can download it to a USB disk and upgrade their welding machines.

ehave2 CM welder USB interface

1st Class Energy Efficiency 1st Class Energy Efficiency

● Compared to other inverter welding machines, power is saved: 3 degrees/day. (only calculate on 300A welding and 4 hours per day for efficient welding).

ehave2 CM welders first-class energy efficiency

Multiple Wire Feeders Can Be Freely Selected

ehave2 CM焊机送丝机选配.png

Robot Communication

Robot Communication

Intelligent Manufacture Upgrading
Manual-type welding machines can be upgraded to a robotic welding power source.

Intelligent Upgrading

Product Features

● Multiple processes integrated into one machine, rich functions to meet various application conditions.

● Droplet necking detection and control technology is adopted to automatically clean the ending of the wire to improve arc start success rate and quality;

● Huge expert welding database, up to 99 groups of welding parameters storage/calling channels, one-key calling, and easy operability;

● With welding current and voltage limiting function, ceiling/floor limits of welding current and voltage can be set to prevent over-standard operation;

● Protection functions as input over/under voltage protection, phase loss protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, and others;

● Welding voltage and welding current compensation function to ensure the stability of long-cable welding and ensure the consistency of actual values and preset values;

● Heat conduction efficiency of IGBT is increased by 50%, more suitable for long-term, high-intensity, and high-current welding;

● Lightning protection level reaches Class D, the wide-range input voltage is more suitable for severe power grids, and can expand to work with oil generators;

● All models of the Ehave-2 series are 100% rated duty cycle, supporting to weld stably at long distances and suitable for industrial heavy-duty harsh environments;

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Ehave2 CM Series Application Cases

Case 1:Honglu-Steel

Honglu-Steel on-site welding picture

Honglu-Steel on-site welding


CIMC RAFFLES on-site welding

CIMC RAFFLES on-site welding picture