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Prefabricated Home Manufacturing Welding - Using Artsen PM500 FR Welder

The Product

Prefab homes are also known as factory-built, prefabricated, or systems-built homes. It's produced in industrialized manufacturing factories, then transported to be assembled on-site thru simplified and reliable joining. 

Prefab homes are featured with shortened construction periods, lowered cost, and higher flexibility against weather influences. Therefore it's more and more widely accepted. 

Joints between construction parts take most of the forces and are critical to safety, which joint points between pillars and beams. Square tubes are widely used in order to ensure reliable joining and safety and to ensure convenience and simplicity on site so that welding jobs would be lowered on site. 

Prefab Homes 
Prefabricated Homes

The Customer
Anhui Honglu Steel Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture of steel products. Its business activities include the production and sale of new building materials, processing of steel products, steel structure engineering contracting services, production and sale of the intelligent three-dimensional garage, and steel trading business. Its products consist of high-rise steel structures, intelligent three-dimensional parking equipment, lifting equipment, rolled steel pipes, welding wires, light steel housing systems, container rooms, and polyvinyl chloride products. The company was founded on September 19, 2002, and is headquartered in Hefei, China.

Honglu Steel Construction (Group) Co., Ltd

Honglu Steel Construction (Group) Co., Ltd

The Technical Challenge
The square column consists of a piece of square tube and 2 thick plates at each end. The material is Q345. The thickness of the square tube is 12-20mm; that of the plate reaches 32-35mm. The groove of 25°~ 37°is requested for the square tube. In order to upgrade efficiency, robotic welding was intended to be used. The QC pass rate was low due to a lack of fusion, which resulted from challenges of large thickness, narrow welding space, and multi-layer welding.

Square Column 
The Square Column

MEGMEET Equipment and Solutions
Artsen II PM500 FR was recommended to weld with the MAG process with the robotic welding system. Artsen II PM500 FR adapts fully digital-control technology with the capability of full position welding of mild steel with DC MAG or Pulse MAG process. 

1)Function of touch sensing (with high voltage of 54V), seam tracking thru welding arc. The quality of multi-layer welding was therefore ensured and stabilized. 

2)Featured process of short-circuit transfer with special energy control. Thru real-time monitoring of welding current and voltage, it adjusts the characteristics of droplet transfer and formation. Penetration depth has been greatly improved. Incomplete fusion was eliminated to achieve high-quality results. 

3)MEGMEET team upgraded thru a new control mechanism, which makes arc ignition smooth, and the crater arc more stable. 

4)Wire-feeder is equipped with a high-performance motor, coded wheel, feedback mechanism, and a four-roller wire-feeder. Precise and stable wire-feeding is ensured for high-quality welding. 

5)Available for both analog and digital communication. Highly convenient to be connected with robots and automatic welding systems.

6)Superb in reliability and consistency of welding parameters. Welding quality with massive quality and a long time span has been ensured.

Prefab homes welding seam

Welding seam of prefab homes

Prefab homes welding result
Work Pieces on Site

Comparison of Welding Result
With the robotic system, Artsen PM500 FR has delivered welding results of high-quality finishing and low welding spatter. Incomplete fusion was well managed. The QC pass rate has increased to 96%. Production efficiency reached 4 times as high as manual welding before the installation of robotic welding. 

The Application

Megmeet Artsen II PM500 FR welding machine Application
Artsen II PM500 FR on Site

MEGMEET welder synergy with welding robots
The Robotic Welding Line on Site