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Power Towers Welding - Using Artsen Plus500 D Welding Machine

The Product
A transmission tower or power tower is a tall structure, usually, a steel lattice tower used to support an overhead power line. Electric power grids are generally used to carry high-voltage transmission lines that transport bulk power from generating stations to electrical substations; utility poles are used to support lower-voltage sub-transmission lines and distribution lines that transport power from substations to electric customers. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Typical height ranges from 15 to 55 m, commonly using Q235 or Q345 as the metal material. In addition to steel, other materials may be used, including concrete and wood.

Power Towers

Power Towers

The Customer
SUNTOP was founded in 2005. As a member of China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd, SUNTOP is ranked as a Top-10 manufacturer of iron towers, and the largest manufacturer of iron towers in South-western China with a production capacity of 100,000 tons. 

The Technical Challenge
The base of power towers is made of plates of thickness from 30 mm to 50 mm with K grooves with complete fusion. Consistency of root face and assembly gap was difficult to be managed. Defectives mainly happen on the root with a lack of penetration, incomplete fusion, or burn-through. Quality criteria were hard to be maintained. In order to ensure the QC pass rate, carbon gouging was used to clean the root. Project progress and production efficiency has been negatively affected although manhour and 

Power Towers Welding Workpiece

Power Towers Welding Workpiece

MEGMEET Equipment and Solutions
Artsen Plus500 D was recommended as per the welding challenge on site. As a fully digital-control inverter MIG/MAG equipment, Artsen Plus500 D is able to weld with a super-lower spatter for DC MAG/C02 for various welding positions. 

1)The inverter frequency reaches as high as 100K HZ. A feedback mechanism with almost zero delays enables precise reaction and control of the transfer of every droplet. 
2) Precise control at the milliseconds level for arc ignition and crater arc, which greatly improves the overall welding finishing. 
3)Capability with the root welding process. Artsen Plus 500 D is able to reach stabilized transfer in gap-filling and to ensure arc stiffness and penetration depth.

Power Tower Welding Result
Power Towers Welding Seam

Welding Result of Megmeet Welding Machines
Power Towers Welding Result

Comparison of Welding Result
When the working conditions were not changed, Artsen Plus 500 D brought very satisfactory results for single-side welding and double-side forming. Complete fusion was reached even when the root side was big and the gap was too small. The first-time yield rate has reached 99.5% and reached QC expectations. Neither gouging nor grinding was requested after welding. Time was saved. The working environment has been greatly improved. The production efficiency has increased by 24.8%. 

The Application

Megmeet Artsen Plus Welding Machines Application
Megmeet Artsen Plus Welding Equipment Application