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Quick Pulse: A Welding Process More Suitable for Manual Welding

Due to its advanced properties, the pulse welding machine has been widely favored by professional welders since launched, especially working with robots and automation devices to achieve automatic welding, which can greatly improve welding quality and welding efficiency of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and other materials and reduce post-welding grinding.

However, pulse welding machine also has certain disadvantages, especially in manual welding, resulting that welders don’t like pulse welding machines, which is manifested in:

  1. Compared with conventional direct current welding machines (DC welding machines), the welding speed of pulse welding machines is more than 30% slower, and this disadvantage is particularly obvious in “piecework” occasions.

  2. Welding torch heating is serious, hot and cold alternating frequency is high, the service life of accessories is short, replacement frequency is fast and the cost is high.

  3. High and picky requirements to mixed gas ratio. Dry extension sensitivity is high, welding parameters to be adjusted are more complex, welders’ technique requirements are high, and welders' experience and skill requirements are also high.

  4. Electric Arc is long and weld forming is not easy to control, and it is easy to produce porosity, undercut, and other defects; arc noise is big, arc radiation is strong, and it is not friendly to welders.

In view of the above disadvantages of conventional pulse welding machines, Megmeet Welding Technology significantly optimized the traditional pulse process from the actual needs of welding workers and introduced the Megmeet DEX 2 “Quick Pulse” welding machine, which is more suitable for manual welding habits of first-line welding workers. 

Compared with conventional pulse welding machines, the advantages of “Quick Pulse” are obvious and are manifested in:

  1. “Quick Pulse” perfectly integrates the advantage of a DC welding machine and pulse welding machine, and makes pulse welding feels like DC, and more fit for the use habit of first-line welding workers;

  2. Welding efficiency is improved significantly, compared with the conventional pulse welding machine, the speed is improved by more than 20%;

  3. Optimized technology, quick pulse welding for mixed gas ratio tolerance is high, dry extension adaptability is stronger, the arc is lower, not easy to have undercut, better control of weld forming, welding machine operation is simpler, supporting synergic and separate adjustment, welders will prefer critical pulse;

  4. Lower arc, better concentration, deeper penetration, and stronger penetrability are more suitable for welding in the inner groove of medium and thick plates, greatly improving root fusion quality.

  5. The arc voltage of quick pulse is low, thermal radiation is reduced obviously, and welding torches and the accessories are more durable, significantly reducing the use cost of quick-wearing parts.


Welding Effects of Megmeet DEX 2 "Quick Pulse":

Megmeet critical pulse welding effects

Megmeet critical pulse weld forming picture

In Schweißen & Schneiden 2023 in ESSEN, we will set up a booth to display DEX 2 “Quick Pulse” performance. Welcome to live experience and witness.