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The 2nd Training on Electrical and After-sales Service by Megmeet Welding Technology

On May-17th, a 3-day training on electrical and after-sales service was organized by Megmeet Welding Technology. Trainees are the service technicians from different cities of China. 


In order to bring a thorough understanding to our partners, Megmeet opened the manufacturing system for visit, including the IQC, PCBA production and the assembly line. 


The training was composed of theoretical and operational classes. Thanks to the long-time and rich experience of Eng. Wang, who is a senior electrical technician, the class was carried out smoothly with both value in know-how and humor. 


The trainees were given the opportunity to disassemble real machines in groups with the electric diagram and Megmeet team to consult. 

To consolidate the training, a final test was organized on the last day. Certificates was awarded to those who successfully passed, as a strong reference in their future sales and service activities for the end-users of Megmeet welding equipment.