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2018 China Engineering Construction Welding Forum

From 25th to 26th Oct, 2018, the 2018 China Engineering Construction Welding Forum was held in the city Zhuzhou under the organization of CECWA with Megmeet Welding Technology, Binzel (Guangzhou) and FANUC Robotics (Shanghai) as the co-organizers. 

Speakers from various and related industries has brought presentations with the following keynotes:

1)The Development of Practice of Assembled Steel Construction.

2)Study on Welding Quality and Safety of Steel Structure. 

3)Communication on the Welding of CITIC Tower (Beijing).

4)Study on the Safety Assessment of Steel Structures Based on Fraction Mechanics.

5)Development of Intelligent Welding Technology.

6)Introduction of the Management Software’s Welding Module for the Assembly and Construction of Nuclear Island in Nuclear Power Plants. 

7)Welding in Hydropower Projects in Foreign Countries and Regions. 

8)Analysis on the European and U.S. Laws, Standards and Compliance Assessment Procedures on Welding. 

9)Solution of Smart Manufacturing by FANUC.

10)Study on Welding Quality Assurance based on AWS Standards. 

11)Applications and Comparison of Chinese, European and U.S. Welding Standards in Steel Construction. 

12)Experience-sharing and Application on High-efficiency and Intelligent Welding Technology. 

13)Study on the Present and Future of the Chinese Standard on Engineering and Construction Welding. 

Beside the above presentations, more free discussion and communication took place between the participants and greatly help with the experience-sharing between professional from various backgrounds and directions. All believe that the meeting was abundant in information and value.