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Boom Concrete Pump Truck Welding - Using Artsen Plus 500QR Welder

Concrete pump trucks, also known as boom concrete pump trucks, consist mainly of pumps and delivery pipes, functioning as a mechanical system that continuously conveys concrete through pipelines using pressure. These trucks stand as primary equipment in the construction industry for concrete conveyance and distribution, offering flexibility, convenience, and high maneuverability, widely used in house construction, road paving, and bridge construction.

I. Key Features of Concrete Pump Trucks

Concrete pump trucks, converted from heavy-duty vehicle chassis, include motion and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing units, material distribution mechanisms, and various auxiliary devices. The turntable, rotary mechanism, fixed tower, and outriggers collectively form the four components of the pump truck, primarily composed of high-strength steel welded parts, ranging from 10-30mm in thickness. The manufacturing quality of welded components directly affects the product's quality, performance, and reliability.

Pump Truck
P1 Pump Truck

II. Concrete Pump Truck Welding Client Overview

SANY Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, upholds the vision of creating a top-tier enterprise, nurturing top talents, and making top contributions. As a leading engineering equipment manufacturer, the company's products encompass concrete machinery, excavators, cranes, piling machinery, and road construction machinery. Among these, pump trucks, trailer pumps, excavators, crawler cranes, and rotary drilling rigs have become China's leading brands. SANY's pump trucks, concrete pumps, and full hydraulic road rollers hold the top market share domestically, with the pump truck output ranking first globally. SANY's heavy industry business and industrial bases are spread worldwide, with six major production bases in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunshan, and Urumqi, and four R&D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany, and Brazil.At present, the Group's business covers over 100 countries and regions around the world.

III. Concrete Pump Truck Welding Challenges

The turntable, serving as the base of the concrete pump truck's boom, is welded from high-strength steel. It connects the upper part with the boom connection sleeve and hinge and links the lower part with the rotary support using high-strength bolts. It primarily withstands the boom load and can rotate within the horizontal plane along with the boom.

The welded components need to exhibit excellent welding quality, and the turntable base plate thickness should meet the axial rigidity requirements for installing the rotary support. The rear part of the turntable structure bears tension, while the front part endures pressure. It demands the mechanical properties of the base material and welding material to meet the stress values required. The client mandates that welding must meet the following criteria:

1)Concentrated arc energy to prevent significant component deformation, ensuring parts meet design specifications.

2)Strict control of heat input to prevent reduced performance due to reasons like coarse grains in the weld seam, which could pose safety hazards.

3)Minimal spatter to reduce subsequent polishing, thereby maximizing welding efficiency.

4)Reduced wear and tear on consumables like contact tips, with strict cost controls.

5)Aesthetically pleasing weld seam, smooth appearance, stress concentration avoidance, and a fusion depth exceeding 2mm.

6)Compatibility with robot welding, ensuring high consistency during continuous welding with simple and efficient communication configurations.

Turntable Workpiece
P2 Turntable Workpiece

IV. Megmeet Artsen Plus 500QR Welding Machine Features and Advantages

Addressing the client's specific needs, the recommendation is to employ the Megmeet Artsen Plus 500QR welding machine in conjunction with Fanuc robot, utilizing short arc pulse technology. The Artsen Plus 500QR welder stands as a fully digital high-frequency intelligent inverter welding machine, enabling direct current, pulse, double-pulse, and synergic full-position welding for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and more. This welding machine offers several advantages:

1)High-speed digital control, reaching an inverter frequency of 100KHz, allowing precise control of molten droplet transition states, ensuring stable welding with almost no spatter.

2)Built-in expert welding database, unified adjustment, and automatic parameter correlation for excellent welding results.

3)Unique short arc pulse technology, reducing arc length by 1/3 compared to standard pulse, offering high stiffness, strong directionality, high fusion depth, and no undercutting.

4)Stable but short arc length, fast welding speed, significantly reduced heat input, lowering consumable wear like contact tips.

5)The wire feeding mechanism employs high-performance digital motors, encoder feedback, and four-wheel wire feeding, ensuring stable wire feeding for superior welding.

6)The welding machine features anti-lightning and surge protection, immune to electromagnetic interference. Rigorous reliability testing before leaving the factory ensures stability and dependability.

7)Open adjustable starting and ending arc parameters, guaranteeing overall welding quality.

8)Equipped with various communication modes, including analog and digital, facilitating easy communication with specialized machinery and robots.

9)High power source reliability and parameter consistency ensure long-term, high-volume welding compatibility with robots, ensuring stable and reliable weld seams.

V. Concrete Pump Truck Welding Performance Comparison

Implementing the Megmeet Artsen Plus 500QR welding machine in conjunction with a robot to weld has resulted in highly satisfactory outcomes for the client. With minimal spatter, subsequent polishing processes have been significantly reduced. The weld seam boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance, uniform, and consistent surface formation, exhibiting a bright white color, achieving a 99.5% qualification rate. Utilizing positioners in conjunction with robot welding ensures stable and reliable welding, reduced heat input, normal water flow in the water tank, and reduced wear frequency of consumables. The service life of contact tips has significantly extended, reducing the cleaning frequency from every half-hour to once every two hours, leading to a 50% increase in overall production efficiency.

Turntable Weld Seam
P3 Turntable Weld Seam

Rear Leg Weld Seam
P4 Rear Leg Weld Seam

VI. Application of Artsen Plus 500QR Welding Machine

Turntable Work Station
P5 Turntable Work Station

Turntable Robot Array
P6 Turntable Robot Array